Getting your Russian visa may take a very long and expensive procedure. You need to handle special requirements or documents that can even add to the delay in the processing. But in this article, you will discover how such knowledge, preparation, and action can make your application manageable.

1. Secure an LOI or Letter of Invitation and Check the Official Document

Letter of Invitation is also known as Visa Support Letter. You need this when applying for a Russian visa. Most of Travel Agencies offer this one for tourists and travelers targeting short Russian trips. Thus, securing this letter can be included in your travel plan price.

On the side, there are still agencies that give LOI even for people who wish to travel on their own. Process your e visa Russia with your trusted travel firm.

That letter must be written in Russian and must not contain incorrect information. You can double-check and verify it through reliable online translators.

2. Collect All the Necessary Documents for Your Application

The visa application should be accomplished online. However, you must get yourself ready for arranging and organizing such documents. You must ensure that:

  • Your passport is valid beyond six months of the stay duration.
  • You have a recent passport photo for every application with a proper appearance from color to view.
  • Your verified Letter of Invitation is ready.
  • You have fully complied with other specific requirements.

3. Finish the Visa Application

Russian travelers must complete the online Russian visa application. Some relevant information needs your factual declaration, such as:

  • Your last ten years of employment record, including a reference from your supervisors or head.
  • Your last ten years resident addresses.
  • A list of all the countries you have visited for the past ten years.

You are also expected to have insurance or health plans in case your employer does not cover overseas boundaries. So, travel insurance is advised.

Your visa application must be done in your country. For residents within or near New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Houston, the application will be easier. But, they still need to go on the same online process.

If you are not residing in the places mentioned above, the process is a little challenging. Nonetheless, it is still manageable as long as you follow the step-by-step process and exert enough effort.

4. Calculate Your Application and Travel Time

Your application can be submitted even 90 days prior to your visit to Russia. You can assume a longer processing time if you live in a country with no Russian consulate. As a traveler, you must strategize and factor out specific documents and requirements depending on your residency and purpose.

Prepare your budget as well. Russian trips are not cheap, so schedule your time, money, and plans.

Wrapping Up

Now you have these things in mind. The next steps to do are to plan and perform the necessary actions. You may not know, this Russian trip is the next best journey of your life!