Are you currently searching for something unique to add in your itinerary? Do you want something other than the usual tourist spots? Then you should probably try searching for Canada’s most breathtaking museums. Take a chance at happiness and peace, and apply for a visum kanada to be able to visit the beautiful museums listed in this article.

Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts In Montreal Quebec

Fun fact: Montreal Museum is Canada’s first museum, but it doesn’t place in last. They showcase classic and contemporary art, breathtaking artifacts, beautiful decorative artworks, as well as art that features Group of Seven and First Nations artists. Make sure to add Montreal Museum to your priority list of places to visit.

Royal Ontario Museum In Toronto, Ontario

Royal Ontario is the kind of museum where field trips take place because they regularly change the theme. It could be natural history one day, and impressive dinosaur collections on another. In addition to that, the Royal Ontario Museum has a whopping six million item count, which means a trip to this museum surely won’t be a waste.

Royal Tyrrell Museum In Drumheller, Alberta

If dinosaurs are your thing (especially the children’s), then head on over to Royal Tyrrell Museum for that real-life experience of seeing a live reef, mounted skeletons, and live excavations right before your very eyes. This museum boasts the largest collections of dinosaur bones. It’ll surely bring out the kid in you.

Canadian War Museum In Ottawa, Ontario

The purpose of this museum is to give the tourists a better understanding and perspective when it comes to war. Different sculptures and exhibitions of the war vehicles and equipment offer you that ‘blast from the past’ feeling. They also put on display the uniforms of former soldiers, their medals, some of the saved memoirs, and so much more. Regardless of what you think went down in previous wars, widen your understanding by taking a tour in the Canadian War Museum.

The Hockey Hall Of Fame In Toronto, Ontario

Let’s face it. Canada is famous for hockey. Here you have different memorabilia of past players that have contributed to the unforgettable moment of hockey history. Some think of it as “just a game,” but little do they know that this museum gives you more chances of learning about Canada’s beloved sport. Any sports enthusiast would surely love to take a stroll in this place.

Museums are another productive way of using your extra time when traveling, that’s why you should try and consider applying for a visum kanada to see all the beautiful and exquisite artifacts Canada has to offer.