The Best Places to Visit in Luxembourg

If you’re planning a vacation, whether alone or with the family, one of the best places to visit would be Luxembourg. There are many landmarks that you can explore if you decide to go to this country as soon as possible. Here are some of the best places to visit in a Luxembourg sooner rather than later.


The Old Quarter

First, you can go to the Old Quarter in Luxembourg City. This area is the most historic piece of land in the country, and you will certainly enjoy a quick tour here to see how the past has always influenced the modern designs and technical marvels of this country as soon as possible.

This location became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. You should not miss an opportunity to look into this landmark.

National Museum of History and Art

Secondly, you can also visit the National Museum of History and Art, also located in Luxembourg City. This building is one of the top museums in the world that you should see. It has everything that you would need to see in your lifetime, from historical artifacts to various archaeological discoveries such as ancient coins, weaponry, and many other reminders of the country’s heritage.

The Bock Casements

This special tourist spot refers to the series of underground passageways that lead to various old castles in Luxembourg. These underground passageways became home to many soldiers and defenders of the country during the war. It has a lot of underground establishments such as bakeries, kitchens, and even armories that were specially made to house all sorts of weaponry.

Once you get to visit this extremely special landmark, you will certainly find yourself enjoying that or even more. It is not only going to be a relaxing vacation but a truly educational one as well. Why wait? Go ahead and traveled to Luxembourg now before it’s too late.

The Final Words

These are just some of the best locales that you ought to spend time in once you get to Luxembourg. All you need to have prepared is your ETIAS Visa Schengen, or any other travel documents that you may have to begin your journey.