Top 3 Captivating Tourist Destinations That You Must Visit In New Zealand

Having heavenly middle Earth exquisiteness at its best, New Zealand is a country that every tourist truly admires. Are you interested to know more?  Here are the shortlisted spots in the country that will marvel you and your family. So, continue reading to have insights and guarantee a great journey.

Before knowing the top 3 must-visit spots in New Zealand, be sure to process the New Zealand tourist visa early, so that you can enjoy the fun right away.


Bay of Islands

Seeing yachts and sailing boats is an impressive moment. Not only that, you’ll witness the amazing marine life when you get to the Bay of Islands. The whales, dolphins, enormous marlins, and penguins will marvel your group. The region is composed of 144 islands, inviting kayaking enthusiasts all over the globe.

Trekking the island trails makes travelers boost their mood, and the secluded coves continue to make a lot of people interested. The Bay of Islands is a renowned tourist attraction in New Zealand. You can find here the ‘Hole in the Rock.’ It’s a well-known rock formation that you should never miss out.

You can reach Bay of Islands either by air (through Kerikeri Airport) or road (from Auckland, which is just 3-hour drive along state highways).


Tongariro National Park

New Zealand has lots of hot springs. You can see them at Tongariro National Park. The area exudes stunning splendor and natural wonders —untamed forests, fields with beautiful plants, turquoise lakes, and soaring volcanoes.  A lot of visitors are having a surprisingly delightful journey whenever they reach the lush meadows exhibiting sensational scenery. As one of the oldest parks around the world, the Tongariro National Park will genuinely astound you.

To witness the magnificent Taranaki Falls and lava streak of volcanic eruptions, you can travel via air (through Auckland or Wellington airport). You can also reach the area by road (from Auckland, which is just a 7-hour bus ride to the national grounds).



Have you seen steaming geysers? To satisfy your curiosity, Try to visit Rotorua — a geothermal region in New Zealand. The friendly tourist guides will assist you to see the hissing thermal springs and volcanic craters. Interestingly, you can safely soak in water enriched with minerals.

Reading the region is easy. You can get by air (through Wellington Airport) or road (from Auckland, which is just 2 and half hours of travel via a shuttle or taxi).

You won’t have a hard time getting to these gorgeous places because the transportation options are available for your convenience. Plus, the locals are very accommodating. Try visiting them, and you will surely be satisfied.