Completing The Esta Visa Application

If you’re trying to obtain an ESTA visa, you’re going to have to complete the application first. Thankfully, this application isn’t very long, nor is it very complicated. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to get through the application in no time at all.

Step One: Prepare Yourself

Before you get started, you should be sure that you have all of the information you need. Have your passport with you, and make sure that you have information about your trip as well. When you have all of the information that you need, you’ll be able to answer any application that you fill out.

Step Two: Give Yourself A Calm Environment

If there is a lot of noise and distraction around you, you could wind up making some sort of mistake as you fill out your application. Don’t try to complete an important application like this if there are a lot of things going on around you. If you have a lot of responsibilities during the day, you might want to work on this application at night.

Step Three: Always Look For Errors

You shouldn’t submit your application as soon as it’s completed. Instead, you should skim over it carefully and see if you can spot any errors. If there are issues with your application, now is the time to correct them. Even a small mistake could keep your application from being approved, which is why you’ll want to make sure that everything listed on your application is correct.

Completing the Esta visa application shouldn’t take too long. Most people are able to get through this application quickly. If you know what you need to do, you’ll be able to finish this application and submit it well before your travel plans. From there, you can expect everything to go very smoothly for you.

Benefits Of Applying For Esta Visa

ESTA Visa or Electronic System for Travel Authorization allows the visitors to make their business visits to the USA. After the terrorist attack on 9/11, it is very difficult to pay a visit to the USA for business-related trips, inspections, negotiations, and conferences. And as far as the implementation of the ESTA visa is concerned, it helped the regular visitors and business persons to enjoy their visit to the U.S.

The visa is designed to alleviate several problems, and it helps the visitors to make their stay in a comfortable and hassle-free manner. The system is automatically designed, and it restricts the fraudulent activities such as using fake identities, false passports, or stolen passports to provide a positive identification on the visitors. The officials can easily spot anyone who is overstaying.

There are certain requirements to apply for ESTA Visa

There are numerous requirements that an applicant has to follow while applying for USA ESTA visa. Almost all the travel approval for the visitors is introduced by VWP (Visa Waiver Program). As the U.S is a great place to do business and attend several conferences, there are several ways to get the ESTA in your hand.

Passport Requirements

  • You should have a valid passport which contains a section of the machine-readable part right in the biological page. While applying for ESTA Visa, your passport should be valid at the time when you are departing to the U.S. Make sure your ESTA is not expired and if so then you don’t have to apply for a new one.
  • You just have to stay in the U.S for 90 days to fulfill the rules and regulations. If you want to stay for more days when applying for a Visa from the U.S Embassy will be a great option.
  • The visitors should have an electronic passport in which the chip contains all the details of the passport holder. If you do not have a proper passport with an electronic chip, then you cannot apply for a USA ESTA visa.
  • Your passport must engrave with your digital photograph and machine-readable code, and you can move on to the next step to apply for an ESTA Visa.

Application requirements

  • You should apply for your ESTA Visa online.
  • You should apply for your ESTA before the time of departure to the U.S so that you will get a response within a minimal period. It takes around 72 hours for ESTA processing.
  • If you don’t meet the above requirements, then you have to apply to Visa to enjoy your business visits, meetings, attending several conferences, or sales appointments.

If you are frequently traveling to the US, then you must consider the above options to apply for USA ESTA visa. Unlike any other Visa, the ESTA Visa is faster, convenient and lasts for a long period. Leaving your city and flying to the U.S needs a Visa but applying for an ESTA Visa can help you to visit the U.S for as many times to experience your business-related meetings and any other things.

Travel To The US Conveniently With ESTA Visa

From majestic high-rise buildings in New York City to the lavish and lively nightlife of Las Vegas, there is more than enough to see in the US for visitors from all over the world. And regardless of what your purposes for visiting the US are, one thing’s for sure; you will
always find something that catches your fancy in this land of opportunities.

So, whenever your dreams take you there, spare some time to delight in its natural splendor as you relish the hospitality of its diverse cultures. One way to ensure your trip to the US is successful is applying for the USA ESTA visa. But just what is it and how much of a head-start does it offer you? Read on to find out.

ESTA And How It Works

ESTA is simply an acronym for Electronic-System for Travel-Authorization, a visa that the US Department of Homeland-Security uses to determine your eligibility before traveling to the USA. It is a convenient way of screening all would-be US visitors before they can actually set foot in the US. This is seen as part of elaborate efforts to fight migration-related threats such as terrorism, drug smuggling and human trafficking. The USA ESTA visa must, therefore, be filled by anyone having a passport from any of the countries considered as a visa-waiver country’’


ESTA visa is not only of importance when it comes to border security, you as a traveler also gains a lot by applying for this visa. Of notable mention is the fact that the visa application must be done online, which saves you the time you would otherwise spend making submissions in person. Having such a crucial document also comes with some peace of mind, knowing your presence in the country is approved by the relevant authorities.

Some Points To Remember

It is important to note that on 12th January 2009, application for the ESTA visa became an obligatory act. So, whether you are travelling for business or leisure, you will be required to apply for the visa. Also, the ESTA visa is only valid for 90 days.

Also, the Department of Homeland-Security recommends applying for the visa within three days prior to your visit to the US.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for the ESTA travel visa, you should possess a valid e-passport as well as have a passport that is issued by a country considered part of the Visa-Waiver Programme.

And as already mentioned, you should not overstay the 90 days validity period that this visa covers.


The US abounds in so much to see and do. And needless to mention, it is also a country that takes border security very seriously. Therefore, having due clearance before traveling to the country is a sure head-start, and the USA ESTA visa is here to help expedite things. For more information, feel free to check this link –